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Today PM Modi will dedicate the country to the most Hightech Expressway, Roadshow in Delhi

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27 May : Delhi : – Prime Minister Narendra Modi today dedicated most of the hi-tech expressways to the country. Eastern Peripheral Express built at a cost of 11,000 thousand crores – they are 135 kilometers total. PM Modi will also start the first phase of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. PM will also do road shows in the open car here.

The Prime Minister’s ‘Road Show’ will start from Nizamuddin Bridge, this is the first phase of about nine kilometers of Delhi-Meerut Expressway. After six kilometer journey on this, the Prime Minister is scheduled to go to Baghpat from helicopter where he will dedicate the eastern outer expressway to the country.

Eastern Peripheral is the first highway in the country where the road will be illuminated by solar power. Apart from this, there will be provision of rainwater harvesting on both sides of each 500 meter. In addition, 36 national monuments will be displayed and 40 waterfalls will be displayed. This record has been completed in 500 days, this expressway has 8 solar plants. Their capacity is 4 MW. The Prime Minister laid the foundation for this project on November 5, 2015.

#Morning at 10 o’clock – PM Modi will reach Nizamuddin fold

Inaugurating the Delhi-Meerut Expressway,

Flight from Akshardham to Baghpat after performing road shows to Ghazipur

# 11am – PM Modi will reach the horoscope

Here the digital gallery will be inaugurating the 3D model

From there the road to the bus departs.

# 12 noon – will address the rally in Baghpat

# 1pm – From Baghpat to Delhi

These are the features of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway: –

1) The 135-km long expressway will strengthen signal-free connectivity between Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Palwal and Greater Noida.

2) The entire facility of lighting on this expressway will be done through solar panel. Not only this, its view will be very beautiful because about 2.5 lakh trees will be planted on the edges of this expressway.

3) So far, nearly two lakh vehicles traveling from UP to Haryana and Haryana from UP were traveling through Delhi every day. At the beginning of this, these vehicles will bypass Delhi, which will reduce pollution.

4) On this route called National Expressway 2, the facility of petrol pump, rest area, hotel, restaurant, shops and repair services will be available.

5) Rainwater Harvesting will also be arranged at every 500 meters. Due to the technique of drip irrigation, this water will also irrigate trees.

6) Keeping the clean India mission in mind, toilets have been constructed every 2.5 kilometers. There are 6 interchange, 4 flyovers, 71 underpass and 6 ROBs on this entire route. Apart from this, there are two major bridges on Yamuna and Hindan.

How is Delhi-Meerut Express-Way?

The first phase of the first 14-lane Delhi Meerut Expressway in India was also completed. Apart from 14 lane on Delhi Meerut Expressway, there will also be a 2.5 meter bicycle track. The Delhi-Meerut Express- has a budget of Rs 7566 crore.

After the formation of Delhi-Meerut Expressway, it will take 45 minutes to go from Delhi to Meerut, while at the same time due to frequent traffic jam on this route, it takes more than 2 hours.

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