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SC decides – Major Trial in Karnataka, till tomorrow 4 p.m. evening

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17 May :-

The hearing on the Karnataka case has started in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is hearing again on the petition, in which Congress and JD-S have challenged Yeddyurappa’s invitation to Governor Vajubhai Vala to form the government.

11.34 AM: The Supreme Court, while announcing the verdict, said that there should be a majority test in the House on Saturday evening at 4.00 pm.

11.32 AM: Rohatgi said that the protem speaker is also to be made, it’s a good time to get ready. Congress and JDS have kept their MLAs away It will also take time to bring them

11.30am: BJP’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi opposed the urgent floor test. He said that it should be time for at least one week. It is the privilege of the governor. One day the floor test can not be made by giving instructions.

11.29 AM: Congress leader BK Hariprasad said that we are ready to test the power on Saturday.

11.29 AM: Kapil Sibal said that with the Congress JDS also wants a quick floor test. Floor test should be done instantly.

11.27 AM: Kapil Sibal said that we have a letter signed by all our legislators. Rohatgi and Tushar said that the Floor Test will come out only from the truth.

11.22 AM: The Supreme Court said that both sides have their own claims. We will decide according to the law. The legal process must be followed.

– Sibal said that the invitation to form a government should be met with the largest party or the party with a substantial majority, with an alliance coalition.

– ASG Tushar Mehta said that the Governor never received the letter signed by all members of Congress and JDS

11.21 AM: Kapil Sibal, appearing on behalf of Kumaraswamy in the Supreme Court, said that in such cases the governor should not use his privilege?

11.15am: Singhvi said- Yeddyurappa said that there are MLAs with us albeit, but who are with ABC. Congress-JDS on the other hand wrote all the 117 names to the governor.

11.15 AM: Justice Sikri said that either you go according to the law or you have a majority test in the House on Saturday. This is to choose you, the second option is more practical.

11.13AM: Congress lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi said: How can the governor give a chance to prove the majority of the BJP, while the Congress-JDS has the entire number?

11.13 AM: Vajubhai Vala, Governor of Karnataka, increased security at the house of Rajkot in Gujarat. Security has been enhanced due to this apprehension that the Congress does not destroy the sabotage.

11.04 AM: In the meantime, Singhvi said that if the House is convened tomorrow for the majority test, even then a lawful decision should be made in this matter whether the governor can decide in this matter.

11.00 AM: Justice Sikri questioned and asked if the two parties are making their own claims, on which basis the governor took the decision. On this, the BJP’s lawyer said that it is the privilege of the governor. On this, the Supreme Court said that it would be better to have a majority test on Saturday.

10.58 AM: Justice Sikri said that if there was a clear majority, then there would be no problem, if the alliance was before the election, the situation would have been different, but its priority was seen lesser by the coalition after the election.

10.58 AM: Rohtagi said that the Governor has used his privileges and he knows the ground reality.

10.57 AM: Mukul Rohatgi, referring to the Sarkaria Commission, said that Yeddyurappa has to prove his Bahamuna in the House. The Sarkaria Commission is the guideline in this matter and it is the governor’s privilege.

10.54 AM: Justice Sikri said that on one side Congress and JDS have given a letter of majority to the Governor, on the other hand Yeddyurappa claims that he has a majority. On what basis the governor preferred Yeddyurappa over the coalition?

10.53 AM: BJP’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi recited letters to Yeddyurappa, given to the governor, in the court.

10.51 AM: The Supreme Court is in full swing, senior lawyers have had problems in entering the court room. The Attorney General expressed concern over the situation created in court.

10.50 AM: Mukul Rohatgi presented the two letters sent by Yeddyurappa to the governor in the Supreme Court and argued that BJP is the biggest party in the state. Rohatgi has described the Congress and JDS as impure. He said that number two and number three parties are far behind from BJP.

10.46 AM: The Karnataka case is heard in the Supreme Court, Abhishek Manu Singhvi from Congress and Mukul Rohatgi, on behalf of BJP, are keeping their respective sides in the court.

10.34 AM: Senior advocate Shanti Bhushan and Ram Jethmalani also reached the Supreme Court.

10.30 AM: Congress leader and lawyer P. Chidambaram reached the Supreme Court.

10:28 AM: BJP’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi and attorney general KC Venugopal reached the Supreme Court, both of them present in the court room

10:20 AM: Subrahmanyam Swamy said that the swearing in of Chief Minister can not be reversed, there is only one issue of debate and that the Chief Minister had asked for 7 days, but the Governor gave 15 days and the matter But there can be a debate in the court.

10:11 AM: Senior lawyer Mukul Rohatgi said that we will show the letter sent to the Governor on behalf of Yeddyurappa, as far as support is concerned, it will be proved in the House and counting the number of MLAs. There is no case of purchase of MLAs.


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