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Plastic ban in Maharashtra from tomorrow

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22 June :- From tomorrow, the way of plastic ban has been cleared across the state. Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam has announced that he has been imposing a plastic ban since the decision of the High Court. A review meeting was held in the Mantralaya regarding plastic ban. Officials were present in the meeting led by Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam. Youth Affairs Chief Aditya Thakre was also present at the meeting. It has been decided to introduce plastic ban from tomorrow.

The High Court had not given any relief to the petition against the plastic ban. The High Court has given the plastic manufacturers, distributors, and distributors for a three-week period to express their views. The final date for the hearing will be decided on July 20. Meanwhile, Ramdas Kadam warned that the plastic ban will take care of the common man and the trader not to be entangled. At this time, the thermocol association has met Ramdas Kadam and has demanded the use of thermocol in Ganeshotsav.

To annihilate the plastics from the city, corporation has prepared a series of measures like plastic collection centers, helpline, helicopters and officers’ teams to implement the ban strictly. So, worrying about what will happen to your business without plastic, shopkeepers and retailers have feared it. On the other hand, among the general public with the last and most important element of the plastic chain, however, there is still confusion about the ban.

The Maharashtra government has been implementing the clearance ban on March 23, after three months from June 23. Although plastic is absolutely essential, all types of bags, one-time plastic and thermocol items are prohibited by government notification. However, after changing the instructions plastic bottles were discarded and plastic bags were allowed at the manufacturers’ level. There is a doubt in the customer about which bids are prohibited.

Banned – 

* All kinds of plastic bags. Thin-thick, all-threaded bags.

Tharacolol and plastic made and used for one-time use. Ex. Plate, glass, spoon etc.

* Used to serve food at the restaurant, stoves, nonwoven polypropylene bags. (Weaver used to store polypropylene bags.)

* Coconut, tea, soup etc. Bags used for liquids

Thermocol and plastic decoration materials

Non-ban – 

* Food from plastic manufacturers Eg Branded wafers, chiwda etc.

* Plastic fabric wrapped by manufacturers of branded shirts, dresses, sarees

* Branded milk, thick plastic bags with oil as well as bottled water.

* Aggregate plastic bags used for farming, nursery, wet waste.

* Plastic used for stocking of export items

* Vertical used for medicines.

What to do?

Use cloth, jute bags. Take out a bag when leaving home. Keep the water steel or glass bottle. Take a steel container along with milk, curd, fish, chicken and mutton.

Penalties: Maharashtra Uncontrollable Waste Control Act

According to 2006, if the violation of the rules is Rs 5,000 and the second installment of fine of Rs. 10 thousand. Provision of 25 thousand rupees and three months imprisonment for the third time.

Helpline: City Corporation to collect plastic by city corporation

37 centers have been started. Similarly, plastic can be deposited in all the municipal corporations. If plastic deposits of more than ten kilos, municipal corporation collects the vehicle and collects it. For detailed information, call 1800222357 toll free number.

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