23 July :- The state is delaying the decision regarding the Maratha reservation. In the ongoing agitation for this demand, the possibility of getting a call from Maratha Krira’s Morcha on Wednesday in protest against the government’s death due to the death of Kakasaheb Shinde. Today, on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi, the Warkari, Pandharpur, will be on the way back, so the coordination committee has clarified that Maharashtra will be closed on Tuesday instead of Tuesday. However, the discussion has yet to be started.

As it has been decided earlier, the wakarkas leaving the house due to the closure should not be disturbed so that the shutters have been postponed for one day. Meanwhile, the bandh is supposed to be kept in silence and should not be targeted at ST buses during this period, appeals have been made to the agitators from Maratha Kranti Morcha coordination committee. Kakasaheb Shinde, a youth of Kanadagaon (Ta. Gangapur, Aurangabad), had jumped into the river for the Maratha reservation, and then he died. After the incident, the Aurangabad Coordinator has started a discussion about the closure of the press conference.

Hundreds of youth staged and hunger strike are going on in front of the Gangapur Tehsil office. However, on Monday afternoon, ‘Jalasamadi’ movement was organized on behalf of Marathi society, accusing the efforts of suppressing this movement. This incident happened during the same agitation. The local administration has appealed to the protesters not to agitate like water resources. Meanwhile, at around 8 pm, some youths shouted slogans that the Chief Minister should resign from Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s symbolic statue.

Until the Maratha community gets reservation, protesters have demanded that the mega recruitment should be stopped in the state, declaring Kakasaheb Shinde as a martyr, and giving 50 lakh rupees to his family and also taking the government government service in the family.

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