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Iran out of nuclear deal; Shocking decision

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WASHINGTON – 10 May :- 

Donald Trump’s decision to exit the agreement to eliminate the restrictions imposed on Iran by the end of the nuclear war, and many countries have been shocked by this decision, which has led to a new picture being raised in front of the world. India can also hit this.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Prime Minister Emmanuel MacCon along with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres criticized Trump’s decision. Obama said the deal with Iran was “perfect”, a joint statement said. He said that we will follow it.
Russia said, Trump’s decision is disappointing, and the US has broken international rules. China said, “Trump’s decision is endangered, we protest it.” We will keep the relations with Iran as well. Other countries should make the right decision.

Who’s with Trump?
We welcome Trump’s decision.
– Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel
We welcome the United States decision to put an end to the contract and to impose sanctions on Iran.
– Foreign Account, Saudi Arabia

The reasons given by Trump to exit

1. It is clear, that we have Iran’s atom bombam
Can not stop. This deal is defective.
2. Agreement gave billions of dollars to Iran; But not preventing nuclear weapons from being captured.
3. The use of atomic energy is being used to make Iran a weapon. Creating ballistic missile Syria, Yemen and Iraq are also providing weapons to terrorist countries.
4. Restrictions will be imposed on Iran in the next three to six months. Restrictions will be imposed on the government’s plan to buy oil sector, aircraft export, metal trade and dollars.

The scandal against the US burns the flag
Iranian MPs announced the announcement of burning America’s flag in America’s premises ‘America’s Fair’. The Iranian president criticized Trump only for criticizing the language of pressure.

Iran’s reply
Which country does not comply with these agreements are exposed. We will talk to other countries to maintain the contract. Iran will increase uranium reserves, Iran President Hassan Rohani said.

Obama said,
This horror
Trump’s decision is a bad one. Because the credibility of the United States will be realized. This is dangerous for the world.

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