16 July :- 

BJP has again attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the Muslim party’s party. Now after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has taken a press conference to target Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He said that the Congress always has the politics of appeasement. Because of which this country has suffered a lot.

Prakash Javadekar says that Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party can not deny that he did not say so, so he has become silent. The President of his Minority Cell also said that Congress is a Muslim party. He is not denying this also. Congress has always been hypocritical, it is a communal party.

Prakash Javadekar also attacked the Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s statement in which he called India a Hindu Pakistan. Javadekar said, “All these things show that all this statement is against the concept of India. These people do not understand the constitution. Javadekar, while supporting the Prime Minister’s statement, said that Congress does not talk about three divorces. Congress is a Muslim party but opposes Muslim women. In Kerala, the program was canceled by the Ramayana. It would be clear from this that the Congress’ thinking is communal of appeasement.

Referring to Sikh riots, Prakash Javadekar said that Congress is a party that slaughtered the Sikhs. In the time of Congress, 1000 Muslims were killed in Bhagalpur, but they were not investigated. Shahbano case shows the Congress’ thinking Prakash Javadekar says that once Manmohan Singh had said that the first right is the Muslims of the country’s resources. This Congress policy is about to break the country.

This appeasement politics has pushed the country back. Javadekar said that Rahul Gandhi should speak on all issues. Javadekar said on reservation question of Dalits in Aligarh Muslim University that we have taken this matter into account and will ask AMU.

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